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Louis Cardin Rekindle Eau De Parfum 85ml Spray

Louis Cardin Rekindle Eau De Parfum 85ml Spray

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Brilliant intimate fragrance created specifically for the brightest women leading an active lifestyle, aimed at success and victory in any business! Flavours of beautiful rose and ylang-ylang, along with refreshing notes of citrus, freshness of greenery with dilution of an unusual touch of cocoa beans. The aroma is bright and refreshing on a woman’s body. Restoring her magical powers. Fans of strict status flavours, for business women. Long lasting.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 85ml
Gross Weight: 350g approximately


Full Product Detail


The specialists at Louis Cardin sought to design a fragrance which will “Rekindle” the user’s body and mind, making the user feel desirable to those around them. The use of rose, patchouli and fresh cool notes will make you stand out from the crowd. Honouring the tradition with a modern touch.



Designed for those who have an addiction to “Life”.
Can be termed as a shimmering, vibrant and distinct fragrance.
For a lady with a wild rhythm.
One who finds her energy & strength in the very source of “Life”.

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