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Louis Cardin Sacred Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray


The intimate scent with rich and complex notes of balanced sweetness of caramel, vanilla and powdery notes of Oriental spices. Expensive shades of sandalwood and aphrodisiac – musk and white amber. The present aroma is a true delight for the gourmet niche perfume that fascinates with its complexity and beauty, causing feelings of bliss, tranquillity and harmony. Lovers of Oriental flavours, complex and deep gourmet. Well suited for the cold season! Suitable as a “Unisex” fragrance. Very long lasting.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 100ml
Gross Weight: 420g approximately

(15 customer reviews)
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An Oriental Vanilla fragrance for men and women. The idea behind Sacred was to create a warm-feeling gourmet fragrance with the sweetness of vanilla. Profusion of vanilla, spicy notes, sandalwood and musk produced an excellent projecting “powerhouse”.



A dream come true!
A one of a kind, French-Oriental mix. With no finish line… let your heart race and discover the long challenging appeal.

15 reviews for Louis Cardin Sacred Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray

  1. Edward Ramos II

    I ordered sacred on 1/26/2021 & received it 2/3/2021 & I live in Texas, USA. Wow I didn’t expect it that soon ! but glad it came that fast because I am pleasantly impressed by this fragrance & the samples as well that I received. This is a initial impression and for the price, the quality, & the scent of the fragrance and the samples I will be buying a backup bottle & I’m going to try out some of the other fragrances.

  2. Ronald

    I received a sample of Sacred and am VERY impressed with the quality. I have quite a few sweet gourmand fragrances that are similar but at 3 times the price. This is a scent perfect for cold weather and/or romantic occasions. It lasts well over 8 hours and you’ll keep sniffing your wrist for that amazing dry down. Very addictive fragrance.

  3. Valentas Kazlauskas

    Very very nice parfume.thanks!

  4. olumide fadayomi

    Just to say Sacred is incredible. I have spent over £4,000 this April looking for a signature scent. I have bought loads of Kilian, TF, Amouage, e.t.c pound for pound, they don’t come close to this. So very happy and would be ordering more as backup. Hopefully in future, you won’t be reformulating this lovely fragrance.

  5. A.

    This perfume is the pinnacle of gourmand products. Splendidly blended, addictive, sweet but not suffocating, it’s a resin-like sweetness combo with chocolate and vanilla, not a bubblegum scent. Stellar performance and high compliment-getter!

  6. Marcus

    Have to say this is my favourite and I have about 30 different scents also the longest lasting fantastic

  7. Christian

    Absolutely BLOWN AWAY! I can’t believe this hasn’t be hyped by the niche-snobs and the total fragheads alike! I absolutely LOVE this! This is NICHE-quality! Are you sure this is not a PARFUM concentration, Louis Cardin? It lasts 12 -13 hours on my skin!

    Personally, this kind of reminds me of an expensive Lindt chocolate and those expensive chocolates in specialty stores in Prague for some reason… in a VERY GOOD WAY!

    As a man who’s comfortable w/ my sexuality, I can definitely rock this perfume! This is one of the unisex fragrances that I can definitely say UNISEX and whatever politically-correct gender-identification you feel like and choose to be – I mean this w/ good intentions!

    I will definitely buy another bottle again as soon as my budget permits (w/c shouldn’t be for a long time) as a backup, and another as a gift to my sister.

    Don’t reformulate this gem, please!😉

  8. Jodie

    An absolutely beautiful boozy, chocolate fragrance with a hint of oud. (At least, that’s what I get to my nose) and it’s going to be AMAZING come the cooler months!

    I also want to say the customer service is second to none! It feels like you are getting a personal one on one shopping experience. Super speedy at responding and unbelievably helpful.

  9. Ez Choudhury

    I’m writing this as I purchase a back up bottle of this amazing fragrance! I was absolutely blown away with Louis Cardin’s Sacred!!!
    I don’t recommend people to blind buy fragrances in the norm but for the price of this beauty you won’t be disappointed.
    Actually ignore that last paragraph, don’t buy this! It’s a hidden gem that those who know, know. 😁

  10. Jamie Oldham

    Heard about this on one or two fragrance review videos on YouTube, took a gamble and wow did it pay off! This was a blind buy I’m extremely proud of making, it’s a stunningly beautiful fragrance which lasts a long, long time, the sweet chocolate accord and the musk comes across straight from the opening, the dry down is heaven and it projects a good 2-3ft. It now has pride of place amongst my more expensive collection where it belongs, something this good for £30!! You must be joking!! It’s niche quality.

  11. Odilon Fernando Alexandre

    Sacred parfum is great.
    My wife liked it.
    It last more then 10h on my skin and the sillage about 3h I think, could be more, I’ve been wearing it, but I am not going out much as most of the clubs and pubs are closed at moment but I feel great wearing this parfum and I believe I will get some compliments in the future.
    Keep making great parfums, Louis Cardin.

  12. Tim hofeditz

    Hello there,

    I ordered one of these through a wonderful review. It is an absolute beast in terms of performance and compliments. Wore this a lot already and more then 3 big sprays is enough to get noticed by people.

    For me the scent is sweet like cotton candy but it is not smelling cheap like other fragrances out there. Only downside is that the import into EU takes really long and waited like 1,5 months till that beauty came in.

    In the future I really want to try out more of these scents here if they are the same quality they must be hidden gems really.


      Thank you for your kind words about our Sacred perfume. It has been a pleasure to serve you as our customer. Apologies your parcel took longer than expected. But I can assure you shipping will be much smoother now as earlier there were some issues which happened (now resolved) causing slight delays in EU shipments. Looking forward to you explore more of our beautiful fragrances. Any questions, we are here to help 🙂

  13. Tony Antony

    Best in performance, long lasting, cheap

  14. Oliver B

    Good stuff.

  15. K. Barr

    I have been wearing fragrances for over fifty years. I have never repurchased a fragrance once it is finished with this fragrance I have already purchased a backup bottle!

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