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Louis Cardin Vibrant Blanc Eau De Parfum 95ml Spray


Vibrant Blanc opens brightly with initial notes of floral-citrus freshness. Top notes of green lily, lemon, white hibiscus with bright tones of green, lime and orange peel. Such an invigorating start is beautifully transformed into a refined heart of aroma with light notes of water, the acidity of a juicy pomegranate and a special pinch of white pepper. Reaching the base notes, this aroma sounds noble, bright and expressive thanks to the calm woody pear chords. Attractive and cool nuances of white musk along with sweet-sour sparkle of cranberry fruit candy with fragrant wild plums. This stunning and original fragrance with a sensual train of purity, innocence and lightness is a real find for lovers of fresh scents. Long lasting.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 95ml
Gross Weight: 400g approximately

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This powerful fragrance combines citrus, woody and floral accords for a seductive, robust aroma that’s sure to turn heads whenever you enter the room. Top floral and fresh notes open the scent with an intoxicating array of intense flavours. Meanwhile heart notes of fresh aquatic and citrus add a fresh atmosphere to wind down the intensity, only to be revived again by the inclusion of fresh bergamot orange. Base notes of cedarwood, amber and musk incorporate a strong and warm element that is entirely feminine.

TOP: Floral, Fresh

HEART: Citrus, Aquatic

BASE: Musky, Woody


A sophisticated look for a stunning conclusion that will leave you feeling bold and confident.
For charming women.


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